Me & Melissa are having way too much fun with these critters ! 😁 #potluck #party #pinelands #crawfish

It’s a Luau! #reunion

Transporting dangerous chemicals in the name of research. #nbd #pinelands #rutgers #pcr (at Pinelands Natural Reserve)

Shout out to all my Asian girls, let the lights dim sum 😉 #drake #lyrics #chinese #filipina

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"Sometimes all we need to do is escape. To close our eyes and imagine that we are somewhere else. Somewhere much more peaceful. Somewhere we belong; a place where we feel safe. That moment when our eyes are closed and we are somewhere else. That is the moment to hold on to. Because right there in that moment is a chance to feel what we don’t feel when our eyes are open. Wherever you are, whatever you are feeling, close your eyes and let go of everything around you."

don’t worry, you may think you’ll ‘never’ get over it,
but you also thought it would last ‘forever.’

one of the best qualities you can have